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When I met my husband I knew right off the bat he was one of the best people managers I'd ever know. People all over town knew him, talked to him, yelled Rich! everywhere we went. I wondered for awhile what he had done to get so famous. He said it was his unforgettable ears! :) Rich is modest, private, loud, and straightforward - New Jersey Italian. He doesn't beat around the bush - just tells it like it is and people appreciate that. He is also understanding, fair but firm, and leads by example. I'd never met someone who could out-pace me until I met Rich!

Everything fell into place quickly when we started our business this year. We knew firsthand PCB had a need for a small engine repair shop and for higher quality commercial equipment. And although my husband is an amazing people manager he isn't the greatest handy man. I asked him to mount a TV for us once - nine holes later the TV hung from the wall about 8 inches below optimal viewing range.

So it was imperative with this business that we get the right people into the right roles and build a great team from the start since I knew he couldn't be relied on to do the mechanic work!! As usual, the infamous Rich knocked it out of the park! We have two amazing mechanics who can diagnose and fix anything coming through our shop, Rich's oldest son, Richie, is working the parts counter, stocking, handling inventory and learning the business, and I'm behind the scenes making sure everything looks pretty, bills are paid, and people know where to find us. Greg, our distributor's rep, is an amazing trainer and his crew did a phenomenal job setting up the shop.

We make sure our team is customer focused. We are customers often - we know how we want to be treated and that's our main goal - to make sure you have a great experience while in our showroom or shop. We are a down-to-earth local family who loves to laugh, loves our community and this beautiful beach, and happens to know a thing or two about equipment - even if we can't fix it ourselves!

So this is our team here at Sea Breeze Small Engine. We are honored to have had such a warm welcome in our first quarter in PCB and look forward to serving the community for many years to come!

Sea Breeze Small Engine Team

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