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Hurricanes - UGH!

A month after Hurricane Michael changed our town as we know it, we are still in recovery mode and catching up. Our shop sustained little damage so we suddenly became the "go to" shop in town as the only other nearby suppliers had major damage. Our team stepped up! Our son's roommate lost his job for several weeks and came to help - learning more about chainsaws than he ever needed to know! Richie realized how grateful he is for computers after working without them for weeks. My husband has worked Sundays, met customers after hours, repaired saws for free, and had bleeding knuckles from starting so many chainsaws. All of our employees have to leave an hour before work ++ just to arrive on time with our new traffic situation. We have heard story after story from our customers who have lost homes and are struggling to find hospitals, childcare, housing... but are still out helping with clean up. We have huge tree companies coming in who all say this is the worst storm clean up they have ever worked - people who work numerous clean ups all over the country. We are overwhelmed with the amount of clean up yet to do yet grateful to be a part of the efforts and re-build process of our hometown. We are happy to give a drink or snack to firefighters coming in for chainsaw blades, happy to meet so many hard working men and women opening our doors to introduce themselves and get equipment, happy to deliver products across town to people in need. The 850 will struggle for the next few months and this clean up will take longer than most of us realize, but we will get through it! We already see the progress, rejoice over the power returning, being back online, getting cable again, when the claw shows up to load up more debris. The "wins" would seem small prior to the Hurricane, but post Hurricane - there is more gratitude than I've seen in years. I've long emphasized an "attitude of gratitude" since my mom's mantra growing up was, "Well, at least you aren't in a concentration camp." :) Sometimes it takes the darkness, the fear, the loss to realize how much there really is to be grateful for - together we are Panhandle strong!

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