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Scag's are too expensive - or are they?

When we first started the research to start Sea Breeze Small Engine, I didn't even know what a Scag was. We wanted to be an ECHO dealer since we knew and loved their brand, products, and quality. The distributor for ECHO also sold Scag and the first thing my husband said was, "Scag's are too expensive! We couldn't carry those."

However, we'd purchased a couple of mowers in past years that didn't hold up well, had major mechanical issues, and wore out quickly, so I definitely wanted to explore other options. The distributor did a quick overview of the differences in quality, parts, and warranty, and I was easily sold. The prices had come down and were more competitive than when my husband first looked at them, so that's how we became a Scag dealer.

Now I'm convinced they are not expensive enough! If you compare the "cheaper" brands to what a Scag will do and how long it will last - there is no comparison. The first thing I thought when I sat on one was, "It's like a Cadillac!" Not only are they durable and made of super high quality components, they just drive like a dream. With a huge variety of deck widths, engine sizes, and speed they have equipment for yards or jobs of every size.

You know that old saying, "You get what you pay for." It's certainly true in the lawn mower department! We'd spent $7,000.00 on a new mower in 2017 and bought another for around $5,000.00 the year prior. Within a year they looked horrible and we were having trouble with them. They just weren't built to last. Scag's are. So that initial price tag may shock you like it did us, but just know that after seeing 10 year old machines come in for service that still run like new, I'm convinced they are the Toyota's of the lawn mower world and we are proud to be Panama City Beach's first and only Scag dealer!

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